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The Key Ministries Books
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Stephen Bell - Book - Breaking FreeStephen Bell - Book - Breaking FreeBreaking Free was originally written for individuals seeking deliverance from demonic bondages. The five areas of ministry included in the book are absolutely essential to clearing the way for effective deliverance and total freedom. This booklet is a ministry tool for anyone sincerely wanting more freedom in their personal life and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. (22 Pages)
Stephen Bell - Book - Freedom From FearStephen Bell - Book - Freedom From FearEveryone has a battle with some kind of fear in his or her life. In fact, it is difficult to see all the fears we have. God’s Word commands “FEAR NOT” again and again. Fear must be erased from your vocabulary. It must be demolished from your mind. It must be quenched in your emotions. This book will help you do just that—defeat fear in your life and live in freedom.(14 Pages)
Stephen Bell - Book - Holding On To The Last DaysStephen Bell - Book - Holding On To The Last DaysEncouragement comes from a personal experience of the author.
Stephen Bell - Book - Jezebel ExposedStephen Bell - Book - Jezebel ExposedWhy are there so many “female problems” calling for entire wings in hospitals dedicated to women’s health problems? Why is there such an increase of homosexuality? Why are more and more couples living out of wedlock refusing to commit to marriage? I believe these spirits are the leading cause of these problems. This book is written to stir a desire to break free of such demonic influence and become rhema Word bringing deliverance and healing to the reader. (34 Pages)
Stephen Bell - Book - Marriage WorkshopStephen Bell - Book - Marriage WorkshopProblem marriages or relationships cannot be fixed. The problem is people who need to be healed and delivered by the Lord. This workshop with audio CD's and a Handbook is about that.
Stephen Bell - Book - No Other GodsStephen Bell - Book - No Other GodsHere is a book with information that has come out of years of ministry seeking to find reasons why some believers had oppression in their lives or homes. Much of the information is untraditional, and even controversial, but all of the insights have come through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The results of following the directions given have often been phenomenal. (37 Pages)
Stephen Bell - Book - Stop The HurtStephen Bell - Book - Stop The HurtHow to get into a deeper commitment and walk with God
Stephen Bell - Book - The Ahab SpiritStephen Bell - Book - The Ahab SpiritThere has been an abdication of the headship in the marriage and home. This abdication has left the family spiritually uncovered, and Satan has launched a great attack. This book reveals why this has happened and what can be done about it—ministry for men who want to be Godly. (27 Pages)
Stephen Bell - Book - The Greatest Power on EarthStephen Bell - Book - The Greatest Power on Earth“Earth’s greatest killer is not cancer, heart disease or some physical malady. Earth’s greatest killer is bitterness.” If You Forgive ... is not just a book—it is an experience of ministry. It will change your life. If you will so choose, you can find a peace that passes understanding by applying these words in to your life. (22 Pages)
TOPIC - Spiritual DeliveranceTOPIC - Spiritual DeliveranceSpiritual Deliverance ... we all need it, regardless of where we are in our walk .. none of us are completely free. Stephen Bell of The Key Ministries brings his insight to this key topic through this bundle of books and recordings.

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