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The prime navigation is available from the Left Navigation Bar.  From here you can choose from the items listed.  Once you select an item, the page for that item will be displayed.  At the top of most pages, you will find quick links from that available from that page.  Further down the page, you will find that most pages include line items in bold text with a bullet to the left that allow you to select these as the main options from that page. 

A secondary navigation is provided on the right side of your site.  At the top, you can use the "Search by Keyword" window to search for any word that may be on our site. Further down, the "Product Catagories" item allows you to look for products based on their catagories.  Select the "+" sign to the left of an item to reveal more options in the form of sub-catagories.  If no products are displayed when you select an item, either we have not yet include items in that catagory or you have not yet select a final sub-catagory. 

You will also find a Bottom Navigation Bar allowing you to go to the main pages of our site.  The current page you on is in bold.


When you come to a page that has a list of products, you will see it's price and any sale price that may be available.  You can order that product by entering a number in the Qty (quantity) box for each item in the list and then selecting the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the list.  You can also select the items Title or picture.  This will give you a new window with more details on the item, a Qty box and an "Add to Cart" button. 

When ever you add items by selectng the "Add to Cart" button, you will be taken to the "View Cart" Page.  On this page, you are given a number of options.  If you select "Continue Shopping" you will be returned to your previous product.  You may add any other item to your Cart by using any of the Navigation Bars.  As you Add items to your cart, the total number of items and the Subtotal of their price appear in the upper right of your window.  This total will grow as you add items from any section, catagory or area of our site.  This will continue to build your order until you "Checkout".

On the "View Cart" page, you may also choose to "Delete" items in your Cart (put a check mark to the left of the item and select "Delete"), "Update" your Cart or "Checkout".  Selecting "Checkout" will finalise your order and allow you to make payment.


When you select the "Checkout" button, you will be asked to fill in the form and make choices there.  If you choose to pay by Money Order, please note the address and directions for the Money Order.  Simply follow the rest of the quetions as go.  Note that you will be taken to PayPal's site to make the actual payment.  Payment can be made there from any major credit card or a PayPal account if you have one.  Once you have entered your payment detail, select the "You must Click Here to Complete Your Order" link in the bottom left in order to complete the order.


Forum are available for user interaction with us and with each other.  You must register with us via your email address and a password in order use the Forums.  Entries in the Forums should be done according to the Text Entry Guidelines noted at the top of the Forum.  Please also note the Forum Use Rules inorder that all using the Forums enjoy their use.  Note that new entries can be started or entries can be responded to.  If you respond to message, it will start message threads.

Contacting Us

If you have further questions that we have answered here, please Contact Us


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