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TOPIC - Restoration of All Things - Tabernacles 2007

The Restoration of All Things ... it was one of the major themes during Tabernacles 2007 in Leslie, Arkansas ... and it continues to be one of the major messages that needs to keep going forward as part of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Recordings in this 3 DVD / 6 CD set include:

Rick Spencer - Paul's Distinct Revelation of Restoration

Rick Spencer of Restoration Nation presented his unique monologue and dramatization of the Apostle Paul as if Paul were giving a message specifically on the Restoration of all Things. Rick has taken from Paul's many writings to give a message that he believes keeps the spirit and substance of Paul's teachings related to Restoration. When summarized in this message it is easy to see that the Apostle Paul definitely understood the message of God's unconditional love for all mankind.

DIck King - Here is Love

Dick King brought his message of unconditional love. Through his 2 part message, Dick explores the parallels between the marriage relationship and our relationship with Christ, searches out in scripture the Father's unconditional love for all his creation and leaves us with the firm understanding of the need to show our love to each other by becoming "the least."

Topics on Recording 1 of this set include:

  • Dick King's Daughter's Dream
  • I Don't Believe in That Much Grace
  • A Definition of Lovea
  • The Two Way Love ... Not
  • You Can't Say No
  • The Myster is Christ in You
  • Let the King of Glory Come In
  • Jesus Seen in the Beatitudes
  • We Have in Common Divinity
  • Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear
  • God Needs and Worships Us
  • Who is the Greatest

Topics on Recording 2 of this set include:

  • God Loves Us
  • Jesus Seen in the Beatitudes
  • Jesus Seen in the Cross
  • It's About Redemption
  • Example of Redemption
  • Jesus Christ & The Church as a Picture of Marriage
  • An Example in the Woman at the Well
  • Stephen Jones Comments
  • The Word of God Never Quits
  • God Takes You to the Wilderness
  • The World as Seen in Gideon & Caleb
  • Old and New Covenant Marriage
  • Getting the Timing Right
  • Authority and Agreement

Bruce and Margerie Gerlach - A Journey into the Restoration of All Things

Bruce Gerlach, a long time student and teacher of music, and Margerie Gerlach, a primary school teacher, share their journey into the understanding of the Restoration of All Things. They tell a story of spiritual growth, personal sacrifice and unity of understand that will encourage some, challenge other, and demonstrate our Father God's interest in each of our lives. Bruce starts off this session in praise in song.

  • Salvation Through Blinded Eyes
  • Salvation Through Broken Teeth
  • God Obligates Himself to our Salvation
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Jubilee
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Ownership
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Redemption
  • Jesus as our Kinsman Redeemer
  • If God Could Save Everyone, Would He?
  • Comparing the Gospel of Restoration vs. the Gospel of Hell Fire

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