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TOPIC - The Purpose of Intercession

TOPIC - The Purpose of Intercession
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Intercession ... there is much confusion about just what Intercession is. Is it the mother in prayer for her son, a group in prayer for their city or is there more to understand about Intercession.

For many Intercession is a way of life ... part of simply walking out their life. Stephen Jones in his booklet, The Principles of Intercession outlines the core of this type of understanding.

Stephen and others has expanded on this understanding in many recordings gathered here as a bundle.

Recordings included in this 3 DVD / 3 CD are:

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Stephen Jones - Tabernacles 2007 - Hawaii - Intercession & Birthing the Manchild - 72 min.
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Stephen Jones reviews the concepts of intercession, the Manchild and explains how this concept was manifest the evening before.

Topics included on this Recording include:

  • Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear
  • Learning Through Intercession
  • Intercession Always Involved the Unacceptable
  • Intercession Always Involves Identification
  • The Law of Uneven Weights & Measures
  • Those You are Interceeding for Will Kill You
  • All Nations Have Been Declared Christian Nations
  • We Judge Ourselves by How We Judge Others
  • Jesus Christ's Example of Intercession
  • Responsibility & Authority
  • The Intercessory Birthing of the Manchild
  • Ten Callings Established
  • Order Out of Confusion
  • The Goal is Understanding
  • God Helps us Remember
  • Intercession's Power Relative to Prayer
  • The Elijah Calling

Stephen Jones - Tabernacles 2006 - Intercession and the Chosen
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Stephen shares about intercession, relating his experiences early in his walk, and how intercession is connected to the work of the overcomers. He also shows how these overcomers will become the chosen ones and what being chosen is really all about. (65:10 min.)

Topics included on this Recording include:

  • Stephen Gets Conscripted
  • Be careful What You Pray For
  • Understanding Why
  • Raising up Overcomers to Reign with Him
  • Out Growing Our Spiritual Traditions
  • Being Broken Bread
  • The Church is the People
  • Moving to Tabernacles

Note: This DVD version also includes the following recordings:

  • Stephen Jones - The Restoration of All Things According to King David
  • Stephen Jones - Moses & the Lamb

Loren Matzke - Tabernacles 2006 - What is an Intercessor
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Loren Matzke, a farmer in Wisconsin, shares his recent brush with heart failure and surgery and his understanding of his role as an intercessor and his revelation at that time of Christ's role as an Intercessor.

Note: This DVD version also includes the following recordings:

  • Ken Reilly - Tools for the Tabernacles
  • Jim Triplett - First Nations Vial Out Pourings

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