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TOPIC - Foundational Understandings of the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom is the Good News of our God, the King, to this Earth, the Kingdom. As the King's son and heir, Jesus came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. Few understood this Gospel then, and few understand it now.

Current and commom bible teaching often teaches a personal gospel focused on the individual and often with very little understanding of the Old Testement. This is not necessarily wrong, but it is incomplete.

Stephen Jones, during the Tabernacles 2007 Conference in Hilo, Hawaii, layed out many foundational understandings of this Gospel in order to bring those in attendance up-to-speed and lay a foundation for the rest of the conference.

These are the same foundations that you and other searching the deeper things of God need.

Topics covered in this 3 DVD / 6 CD set include:

DVD 1 - Laying a Foundation Based on Israel's Feast Days

  • History & Prophecy Explained
  • Hearing God's Voice
  • The Purpose of the Wilderness
  • Why God Creates
  • The Purpose of Creation
  • Hebrew vs. Greek Views of Matter
  • The Feast Days of Israel Provide the Outline
  • About the Feast of Passover
  • About the Feast of Pentecost
  • About the Feast of Tabernacles

DVD 2 - Laying a Foundation Based on the Two Covenants

  • The Difference Between the Old and New Covenants
  • The Difference Between Obedience & Agreement
  • The Purpose of Laws
  • The Difference Between the Old and New Jerusalems
  • Old and New Covenants in Marriage

DVD 3 - Laying a Foundation Based on the Restoration of All Things

  • Salvation Through Blinded Eyes
  • Salvation Through Broken Teeth
  • God Obligates Himself to our Salvation
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Jubilee
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Ownership
  • Restoration of All Through the Law of Redemption
  • Jesus as our Kinsman Redeemer
  • If God Could Save Everyone, Would He?
  • Comparing the Gospel of Restoration vs. the Gospel of Hell Fire

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