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Stephen Jones - DVD - Tabernacles 2007 - Arkansas - Christ in You & the Manchild ... The Process

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Stephen Jones - Tabernacles 2007 - Arkansas - Christ in You ... The Process - 74 min.

Stephen Jones explores the mystery of Christ in You and delves into the concept of the "Manchild" ... that birthing of spirit of Christ in You. Stephen goes indepth into this nature of this birthing process and shows how it closesly follows the natural human birthing as well as paralleling the feast days of Israel.

Topics included on the Recording include:
  • Manifesting Christ as the Sons of God
  • The Feast Days Picture the Birthing Process
  • What is the Manchild?
  • Application of the Law
  • Example from the Book of Ruth
  • Consequence of Refusal 1) Shoes Loosed
  • Consequence of Refusal 2) Spit in Your Face
  • "Face" Understood Through Moses
  • Spiritual & Fleshly Bodies
  • Paul's Commentary on the Face of God
  • The Manchild and Tabernacles

This DVD also includes "Dave Dixon - Tabernacles 2007 - Arkansas - Practical Application of Kingdom Principles." If you have selected to order one, you do not need to order the other.
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