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Stephen Jones - DVD - Tabernacles 2006 - The Harvest - Consider it all Joy - The Anointing - Spiritual Government - Seventh Vials Poured Out

(Note: All the titles below were recorded at Tabernacles 2006 in Reading, PA and are included on this DVD)

The Harvest

Stephen Jones opens the conference and shares with us that efforts related to the sowing of the word in people's life is now beginning to see a harvest .. and that harvest is going to grow. (17:48 min.)
Consider it all Joy

Stephen deals with matters of authority, training and our maturing process .. and to consider the process a joy. (8:52 min.)
The Anointing
(with Thom Mills)

Those at the conference were given the opportunity to be anointed with a Kingly and Priestly (a Melchisedek) anointing on the Saturday morning. You are invited to participate as well as part of this recording. (17:03 min.)
Spiritual Government
(with Thom Mills)

God is moving the authority in the earth to those that have a heart to serve him and declare in the earth His word. Thom shares what the Lord has revealed to him about how this Spiritual Governement may be taking shape. (21:05 min.)
Seventh Vials Poured Out

This is the recording of the Seventh Vials being poured out in Babylon, NY the week before with Stephen s review of these events later at this conference. (42:29 min.)
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