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Tabernacles 2006 - DVD - Tabernacles 2006 Complete DVD Set

(Note: All the titles below were recorded at Tabernacles 2006 in Reading, PA and are included in this 7 DVD Set)

Stephen Jones
The Harvest

Stephen Jones opens the conference and shares with us that efforts related to the sowing of the word in people's life is now beginning to see a harvest .. and that harvest is going to grow. (17:48 min.)
Consider it all Joy

Stephen deals with matters of authority, training and our maturing process .. and to consider the process a joy. (8:52 min.)
The Anointing
(with Thom Mills)

Those at the conference were given the opportunity to be anointed with a Kingly and Priestly (a Melchisedek) anointing on the Saturday morning. You are invited to participate as well as part of this recording. (17:03 min.)
Spiritual Government
(with Thom Mills)

God is moving the authority in the earth to those that have a heart to serve him and declare in the earth His word. Thom shares what the Lord has revealed to him about how this Spiritual Governement may be taking shape. (21:05 min.)
Seventh Vials Poured Out

This is the recording of the Seventh Vials being poured out in Babylon, NY the week before with Stephen s review of these events later at this conference. (42:29 min.)
Intercession and the Chosen

Stephen shares about intercession, relating his experiences early in his walk, and how intercession is connected to the work of the overcomers. He also shows how these overcomers will become the chosen ones and what being chosen is really all about. (65:10 min.)
Restoration of All Things According to David

Stephen shares the Restoration of All Things as proclaimed by King David as he treks us through the Psalms. (42:38 min.)
Restoration of All Things According to David

Carlos and Shelli Ricci are led to share about the changes of music in the age of Tabernacles and leads in worship through The Song of Moses & the Lamb (Rev. 15), a song which Father gave them. Stephen then picks up on this song and shows the Restoration of All Things in this passage. (20:00)
Stephen Bell
Unforgiveness & Bitterness

Stephen Bell takes the conference s first session to deal with unforgiveness and bitterness to set the stage for the other sessions. We must all deal with the root of bitterness and Stephen leads us to do just that. (65:38 min.)

Next to bitterness, fear is the largest source of bondage in our life. If we are to live a life based on every word from the Lord, we must live by faith, not by Fear. Stephen tackles this and leads us on the path to deliverance from fear. (43:40 min.)
Ken Reilly - Tools for the Tabernacler

Ken Reilly brings two short words to the conference and then shares a number of tools to be used by those entering Tabernacles .. tools to answer some of those tough questions that come our way. Ken covers Dispensationalism, how to read Antecedents, Covenants, the Tribulation and other topics. (58:27 min.)
Loren Matzsky - What is an Intercessor

Loren Matzke, a farmer in Wisconsin, shares his recent brush with heart failure and surgery and his understanding of his role as an intercessor.
Jim Tripplet - First Nations Vial Out Pourings

Jim Tripplet joined a Native friend to pour out vials in Wisconsin at the same time as the Seventh Vials were being poured out in Babylon, NY. Jim also then shares about the Sacred Scale of music and about the Love Healing Code. (38:44 min.)
James - Bruggeman - Elijah and the Widow Woman - Part 1 & 2

James Bruggeman shares of his miraculous experience involving Rose Oil and its connection to the story of Elijah and the Widow Woman. (43:12 min. and 44:13 min.)
Bob Henley - Our Giftings and Callings in Love

Bob Henley, the financial guy, shares what Father has taught him about Kingdom prosperity and essentially redefines this topic. He has shared before about each of us serving the Kingdom through our giftings and calling but this time emphasizes that it is love that acts as the keys to the Kingdom. This is a transformational revelation on this topic. (77 min.)
The Millars - A Report from Ireland

Bill and Maureen Millar, having come from Northern Ireland to join the conference, shared what God is doing there to free that island from spiritual bondage. (23:22 min.)
Doug Evers - Health Update 2006

Doug Evers brings us up-to-speed with world events and developments that have impacts on our health and brings some recommendations. As always, Doug is recommending you keep your Potassium Iodate handy and answers the many questions related to this and health in general. (93:10 min.)
Sunday Morning Music

Sunday afternoon brought out the musical talent of many who shared with us their gifts. (21:06 min.)
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