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Ray & Sheila Knight - CD AUDIO - Tabernacles 2007 - Hawaii - Formed-Reformed-Transformed & In Transition & God's Will & Cut Free From the Past

This 2 CD set contains the following recordings:

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Ray & Sheila Knight - Tabernacles 2007 - Hawaii - "In Transition - From 'was' to 'is'" & "Formed-Reformed-Transformed - The Renewing of Your Mind" - 47 min.

Sheila Knight starts the session by giving some background of Ray and Sheila's journey and then talks about their current (as of Sept 2007) transition in location, ministry and especially on her role as being part of their ministries' mouth piece.

Ray follows with a focus on being Formed, Reformed and Transformed. Ray walks us through spiritual change starting from Adam's death through to our life in Christ.

Sample Note Yet Available

Ray & Sheila Knight - Tabernacles 2007 - Hawaii - "God's Will - God's Thoughts - Renewed via your Heart" & "Cut Free From the Past - Let My People Go" - 47 min.

Ray Knight deals with the power of our words when then come into alignment with Christ in us. In this manner, our thoughts and will come into alignment with God's thoughts and will.

Sheila follows by sharing a dream and how it represents the struggle for each of us to Cut Free From the Past from our spiritual heritage and fathers ... and the struggle they have to let the children go.
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