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Stephen Jones - CD AUDIO - Tabernacles 2007 - Arkansas - Planting the Banner - Part 1-3

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Stephen Jones - Tabernacles 2007 - Planting the Banner: Arkansas - Part 1 - 3

This series is based on Isaiah 59:19 - "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard (banner) against him."

Stephen Jones starts this 3 session / 3 CD set by laying a foundation of understanding from the Books of the Law and then goes on in Part 2 to given understanding based on the Prophets and New Testament. Session 3 concludes the series with more background and then includes the Declaration of the Planting of the Banner. Melissa Crane who had the original vision related to the banner talks about the vision and her understanding of it's implications.

Finally, a brief "Explaining the Banner" segment is included which goes over the specific details of the banner and it's making.

All of the following recordings are included on this 3 CD set:
Laying a Foundation of Understanding From the Law - 61 min.
Laying a Foundation of Understanding From the Prophets & the New Testament - 69 min.
The Planting of the Banner with Melissa Crane and the Vision of the Banner - 92 min.
Explaining the Banner - 5 min.
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