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A Covenant 2005 - CD AUDIO - Complete Set


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This session is opened by Thom Mills who explains the background to the conference and why it is being held. This event tied in with a wedding being held on Oct 8, 2005. Stephen Jones picks up from there and provides the rest of the background regarding inheritance, spiritual warfare, old and new covenant marriage and more.
How to Receive the Inheritance

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In addition to covenants, the second theme was that of inheritance .. our spiritual inheritance. In covering this topic, Stephen Jones looks at what it is to be an Israelite, Sonship (becoming the sons of God) as it relates to the tribe of Joseph and the fact that it is not only we that are looking for our inheritance in God, but He is looking for his inheritance in us.
The Effect of the 5th Vials - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita

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The 5th Vials of water and wine were poured out in 2004. It was understood at that time that these vials were being poured out on witchcraft. This had implications for Louisiana. This session covers what Father had been doing and how these events all tie together.
The Covenant with Death Annulled

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The wedding was on Oct 8, 2005 with it's covenant made there. This session the day after with another covenant to be made and one to be annulled. Stephen looks at those types and actions that have occurred during Pentecost that led to a covenant with death being instituted. Stephen then leads us with both personal and national applications in a declaration to create a new covenant.

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