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Donations - One Time and Recurring

Donations - One Time and Recurring
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One Time Donation

This item provides for a simple one time donation for those that wish to contribute to the efforts of the Bible Study Storehouse and / or the on-line Video Conferences.  Note that this donations goes to us a the Bible Study Storehouse to cover expenses, not God's Kingdom Ministires.

To make a donation to God's Kingdom Ministries and Stephen Jones, please go to their Donation page here.

Virtually any value can be created by using the Value selector and the Quantity field.  For example a $30 donation can by made via a Value of $10 and a Quantity of 3.  A $200 donation can be made via a Value of $100 and a Quanity of 2.

Once you have made a selection, please choose Add to Cart button.

Recurring Donation

Recurring donations can be made using the following Subscribe buttons.  These Subscriptions are handled through PayPal and a PayPal account will be required.  A credit card or bank account linked to your PayPal account is then used for the donation.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any point by using the Unsubscribe button.

Do not use the Add to Cart button when making a Recurring Donation.  Instead, choose one of the Subscribe button's below.  You will be taken to PayPal to set up the recurring donation.  When complete, you will be returned to this site.

Recurring Donation Recurring Donation - 3 Month Duration
Recurring Donation - 6 Month Duration Recurring Donation - 1 Year Duration
To Cancel, or Unsubscribe to any of the above Recurring Donations

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