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Who is
Please visit our About Us page for information about us.  Please visiti our Contact Us page to contact us.
What is the relationship between and the personalities and organisations advertised on this website? is run independently but in close co-operation with the personalities and organisations that are advertised on this website.  We are familiar with the content produced all of these personalities, but we do take responsibility for the content in products.
What is the relationship between, Randomize, Inc. and High Calling?
Randomize, Inc. is the company that owns and operates this website.  High Calling is our division that produces video and other media content. is our division that sells High Calling's and other organisations products online via this website.
How do I contact Stephen Jones, Bonnie Gaunt or any of the other personalities advertised on this website?

Click on the name of the person / organisation you'd like to contact:

How is my order shipped?
All products are shipped via Postal Service.  We have found this to be the most cost effective shipping solution for media product.  Most of the Postal Shipping services we use do not have tracking number and so are not trackable.  Our experience is that very few packages get misplaced by the Postal Service.  Once and order is completed, you should receive it shortly.  In the US and Canada, you can expect packages to arrive in 2 weeks unless otherwise stated.  For international packages, you can expect packages to arrive in 4-6 weeks unless otherwise stated.  Products are drop-shipped to you from the respective personalities / organisations.  This means, if you order products from various personalities / organisations, you will receive your order from more than one shipped.  ie.  If you order a few books from Stephen Jones and a few books from Bonnie Gaunt and a few DVDs / CDs (most DVDs / CDs are produced by High Calling and are shipped directly by, you will recieve 3 separate shippments.
How do track my order?
You can track the status of your order by going to our Order Tracking page.
My question isn't answered in these FAQs.
If you question hasn't been answered in these FAQs, please Contact Us with your question.

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