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Secrets of TimeSecrets of TimeSecrets of Time is the study of Historical and Biblical Timing showing us the sovereignty of God on all levels from World to Personal.
Hearing God's VoiceHearing God's Voice is a process of learning to hear God's words directly - the process of Spiritual Hearing.
Creations Jubilee and Restoration of All ThingsAll things will be restored to their original state .. Through Creation's Jubilee and The Restoration of All Things.
New Covenant MarriageScripture shows us two types of marriage .. it is time to discover New Covenant Marriage .. a Marriage with Partners Equal.
Isreal's Feast DaysIsrael's Feast Days and Israel's journey to the Promised Land were not only real occurrences but are more importantly a Parable of our Spiritual Growth.

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TOPIC - Foundational Understandings of the Gospel of the KingdomTOPIC - Foundational Understandings of the Gospel of the KingdomThe Gospel of the Kingdom is the Good News of our God, the King, to this Earth, the Kingdom. This Series lays some of the most import part of the foundational understandings of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This series is ideal for those starting to dig into the deeper thing of God and his Kingdom or wanting to shares these with others. Topics include The Nature of God Creating and the Nature of His Creation, The Feast Days of Israel, The Restoration of all Things, and more.
TOPIC - It's the Economy StupidTOPIC - It's the Economy Stupidt's the economy, stupid. It was the slogan that defined an election .. and seems to becoming the growing theme of the election to be. Whether we like it or not, we all need to deal with the realities of the economy. We are taught in scripture to gain knowledge and wisdom and to be good stewards of that which we have been given, so we need to understand better how to deal with our current economics.
TOPIC - Restoration of All Things - Tabernacles 2007TOPIC - Restoration of All Things - Tabernacles 2007The Restoration of All Things ... it was one of the major themes during Tabernacles 2007 in Leslie, Arkansas ... and it continues to be one of the major messages that needs to keep going forward as part of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This set includes the 3 main recordings on the Restoration of All Things.
TOPIC - Spiritual DeliveranceTOPIC - Spiritual DeliveranceSpiritual Deliverance ... we all need it, regardless of where we are in our walk .. none of us are completely free. Stephen Bell of The Key Ministries brings his insight to this key topic through this bundle of books and recordings.
TOPIC - The Mind and Image of ChristTOPIC - The Mind and Image of ChristIn this two session / four CD set, Stephen Jones takes us on a journey thought Israel's Feast Days with the culmination on the Feast of Tabernacles showing our transformation into the image of Christ in this process. This is a great exploration of "Christ in You, the hope of glory".
TOPIC - The Purpose of IntercessionTOPIC - The Purpose of IntercessionIntercession ... there is much confusion about just what Intercession is. Is it the mother in prayer for her son, a group in prayer for their city or is there more to understand about Intercession. For many Intercession is a way of life ... part of simply walking out their life. Stephen Jones in his booklet, The Principles of Intercession outlines the core of this type of understanding. Stephen and others has expanded on this understanding in many recordings gathered here as a bundle.

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