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Bonnie Gaunt's DVDs
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Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - An Introduction to GematriaBonnie Gaunt - DVD - An Introduction to GematriaBonnie Gaunt shares with us some of the basics found in her many years of research into the relationship of the Gematria of the Bible and the geometry of our Solar System. She shows the positive connection between the Word Written, the Word in the Cosmos, the Word in Stone, and the Word in Number. These number relationships provide positive evidence of a common Author/Creator.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Complete SetThis item is for the Complete 4 DVD set of Bonnie Gaunt's DVDs.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - God's Grand OctaveBonnie Gaunt - DVD - God's Grand OctaveBonnie Gaunt reveals the beautiful story of God's Grand Octave of Time. It is His timeline for the history and future of man. The Bible's amazing Number Code (Gematria) tells the whole story of the creation, fall, and redemption of man, to his complete reconciliation to his loving God. We stand today on the threshold of Earth's Great Millennium -- the grand crescendo of the music of the ages. Total time 50 min.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Jesus and the Golden ProportionBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Jesus and the Golden ProportionThe Golden Proportion explores the number .618 and how it has been divinely worked into all of creation.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Light is LifeBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Light is LifeOn Light is Life, Bonnie explores the relationship between the Father, Son and Light in gematria ... and finds that the Light is Life.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Marching Around JerichoBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Marching Around JerichoMarching Around Jericho explores the gematria related to the battle most of the Christian world takes very lightly - but it is no fairy tale - the conquering of Jericho is the greatest and most important battle in the entire history of mankind!!!
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Profound Magnificence of God's WorksBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Profound Magnificence of God's WorksBonnie Gaunt's many years of research confirms the authenticity of the Bible's Number Code (Gematria). New evidence has been found, linking the Bible's amazing pattern of numbers with ancient stone structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, and it brings to light conclusive evidence of a Master Plan involving man and his future on planet earth -- a plan that has been in progress from the beginning.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - The Scarlet ThreadBonnie Gaunt - DVD - The Scarlet ThreadThe Scarlet Thread is the story of redemption woven through the Bible and its relationship to God's growth principle.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Top Stone - Grace, Grace Unto ItBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Top Stone - Grace, Grace Unto ItTop Stone: Grace, Grace Unto it looks at the Great Pyramid's cap stone .. or the lack of it. It appears as though it was meant to have one, but why was it not placed and where could it be?. Bonnie examines the significance of it’s absence and the related numbers.
Bonnie Gaunt - DVD - Treasures of SnowBonnie Gaunt - DVD - Treasures of SnowOn Treasures of Snow, Bonnie looks at a simple snow flake. If the blood of Jesus Christ washes whiter than snow, then what does the snow flake tell us about God? A lot.

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