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Bonnie Gaunt's Books
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Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Apocalypse and the Magnificent SevensBonnie Gaunt - Book - Apocalypse and the Magnificent SevensWe live in a marvelous day -- the day that the Apostle John saw in vision. His prophecy is unfolding all around us. Discover the amazing meanings of the sevens and twelves of Revelation, and how it opens the doors to new vistas of understanding, making the complicated simple, the feared a joyful anticipation, and the outcome a blessing from a loving Father.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Beginnings - The Sacred DesignMost of us have an inherent fascination for, and curiosity about beginnings. What and when were the origins of man, our earth, our solar system, and even the universe. This book is a search into those beginnings, but from a different perspective -- one that will take you on a journey you'll never forget. The search reveals a beautiful design, interwoven into all creation -- a design of which we are a part.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Genesis OneBonnie Gaunt - Book - Genesis OneThis book reveals the exciting new discoveries of the Bible's hidden numbers that will transport you from our foundations in creation into the magnificent future that has been planned for man on planet earth. The amazing relationship of the book of Revelation to the first chapter of Genesis reveals a magnificent plan that was ordered from the beginning, and has progressed precisely on schedule through a circle of seven thousand years. The future of man has its roots in Genesis One.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Jesus Christ - The Number of His NameBonnie Gaunt - Book - Jesus Christ - The Number of His NameThe Bible's Number Code tells of the new Millennium and the "Grand Octave of Time" for man. This book reveals the amazing relationship of the Number Code to the ELS Code in the prophecies of the coming of Jesus. Explores the use of the Golden Proportion in the time features of God's plan for man.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Jordan ... The Promise FulfilledBonnie Gaunt - Book - Jordan ... The Promise FulfilledThe Jordan, the most well-loved river in the Christian world reveals its secrets. Its pure sparkling water, descending from the snows of Mount Hermon, plunge into the Great Rift Valley and down into the lowest place on the face of the earth. It is the story of man’s descent into death. But the river holds a promise – a God-given promise of life – revealed through its topography, geom- etry, and gematria.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Nile ... The Promise Written in SandBonnie Gaunt - Book - Nile ... The Promise Written in SandThe Nile has carved its winding path through the deserts of Africa, bringing life to a barren land, and hope to a barren world. The mystery of the Nile and its source has been sought since ancient times. Many have given their lives in the quest. Evidence is now found, linking the Nile to the ancient texts of the Bible and its amazing number code. These numbers unlock the secrets of the Nile. This longest river in the world has been found to reveal a time-line involving man and his Creator.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - Stonehenge and the Great PyramidBonnie Gaunt - Book - Stonehenge and the Great PyramidStonehenge and the Great Pyramid are not only man's tangible link with antiquity, they are also a window through which we can search the secrets of the universe, and the origins of creation. What was the purpose of the ancient builders in erecting those two age-lasting monuments? Some surprising answers can be found in the sacred geometry, linking these two structures with the Bible, our Solar System, and the future of man.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - The Bible's Awesome Number CodeBonnie Gaunt - Book - The Bible's Awesome Number CodeA discovery of the number patterns and prophetic time-lines in the Bible. The number code takes us on a journey from Bethlehem to Golgotha and into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We stand today on the threshold of the great Third Day which will usher in this long-promised Kingdom. This book is an exciting journey through the "evidence" revealed in the number patterns.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - The Coming of JesusBonnie Gaunt - Book - The Coming of JesusThe Constellations of the heavens are a "code," telling the same story of the end time as is found in the Number Code and the ELS Code of the Bible.
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - The Great Prophetic Design ..... Found in AfricaBonnie Gaunt - Book - The Great Prophetic Design ..... Found in AfricaDeep in the heart of Africa hides a maginicent secret. Yet is is so huge , and so obvious - once it is seen- we wonder why it has never before been found. Bonnie and James Heyworth have discovered the magnificent relationship of the Great Rift Valley Crescent to the snow - covered mountain peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. It holds evidence that indeed the continent of Africa has been designed by the Creator to tell the story of his great Millennial Kingdom on Earth. it is powerful confirming that the
Bonnie Gaunt - Book - The Stones and the Scarlet ThreadBonnie Gaunt - Book - The Stones and the Scarlet ThreadThis book confirms the authenticity of the Number Code and its foundations in the Word of God. New evidence has been found linking its amazing pattern of numbers and its time prophecies with the sacred geometry of ancient stone structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, and it brings to light conclusive evidence of a Master Plan involving man and his future on planet earth -- a Plan that has been in progress from the beginning.

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