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Bonnie Gaunt - Gematria & Biblical Numbers Expert & Author

We are very sad to announce the passing of Bonnie Gaunt.  Bonnie had been fighting cancer for the past number of years and after her long journey, passed away on January 24th, 2012.  Bonnie was a blessing to so many people, through her studies, books and exuberant enthusiasm for her Lord.  When you watch her on the DVD recordings we were privileged to produce with / for her, her excitement and awe for our creator is palpable.  Bonnie will be sorely missed.

Author and lecturer, the late Bonnie Gaunt, has written twelve books revealing the amazing patterns of numbers and the work of creation. Bonnie became an acclaimed expert in Gematria and the Biblical meaning of numbers.  She appeared as a guest of Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, as well as on many television documentaries and radio interviews. She was a retired Graphic Designer, and had been involved in a study of the Great Pyramid and other ancient monuments since childhood.

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