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Bible Teachers & Authors is pleased to represent a number of different Authors, Teachers and Presenters.  We believe these are the best teachers in their fields and know you will be bless by what has been revealed to them.
Bonnie GauntBonnie GauntAuthor and lecturer, the late Bonnie Gaunt, has written twelve books revealing the amazing patterns of numbers and the work of creation. Bonnie became an acclaimed expert in Gematria and the Biblical meaning of numbers.
Stephen Jones / God's Kingdom MinistriesStephen Jones / God's Kingdom MinistriesStephen Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries serves as a teaching source for those searching the scriptures for understanding often missed by others. With deep insight into the Laws of God, the Feast of Israel and many other topics, you will find here study materials that will mature your understanding of God and mature you as a Son.
Stephen Bell / The Key MinistriesStephen Bell / The Key MinistriesStephen Bell of The Key Ministries challenges all to consider whether or not they are really free in Christ. With a strong focus on Spiritual Deliverance, Stephen Bell's books and recordings will encourage to seek the true freeing power of Jesus Christ.
Please be aware that the opinions, views and teaches of these represented do not necessarility reflect the views of nor do they necessarily reflect the views of each other.  We believe that God has given parts of His revelation to many teachers therefore creating diverse views.  We and these represented have chosen to respect each others views while not necessarily agreeing with each other on all points.  We trust you to will be blessed by this diversity of views.

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